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Care Packages


Hospital life isn't just about the tiny or sick babies, it is a family journey. We recognized that our little kids were having to process every big emotion and milestone that we were struggling to process as adults. Our passion has becoming supporting NICU siblings through their journey by sending Superhero Care Packages while their baby is still in the NICU. Each care package is unique and filled with the supplies we have at the time of the request. They traditionally include:

  • My Baby is a Superhero!: Children's book that explains the NICU world to young siblings and reminds them that they are a hero too.

  • Superhero mask and cape

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Activity Book

  • Toy / Ball / Bracelet

[Note: at this time we are unable to send stuffed animals due to COVID restrictions.]

"Sometimes being a sibling is better than being a superhero."



 Please nominate a NICU sibling superhero via the form to be considered for a care package donation.

Must have a baby currently in the NICU. 

At this time we are only able to ship in the US.

Thanks for submitting!

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