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Lauran's Lovies

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Lauran's Lovies started from the loving hearts of our NICU nurses. When our twins were born, Lauran was only 3 years old and was only allowed in the NICU one time to meet her babies. The 5 month NICU stay was torture to her and she was suffering emotionally that she couldn't visit her babies. For her birthday, our nurses gave Hunter (6) & Lauran (3) each a stuffed animal that was wearing a NICU t-shirt with Gage & Sadie's footprints on the shirt. They would forever have a piece of Gage & Sadie that could be with them to hug. From this act, Lauran's Lovies was born. Thanks to our family and friends, we have donated over 500 stuffed animals (and counting) to keep two local NICUs stocked with stuffed animals. Our hope is to continue this mission so that every NICU sibling will get the same blessing our family received.  

Sometimes in life, we just need a hug.

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